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Subject: Helen Hunt, 47-year old American actress Date of Assessment: April 6, 2011 Positive Buzzwords: Longevity, television, girl next door Negative Buzzwords: Oscar, limited range, feature films The Case: This week, we're dealing with yet another damn Academy Award winner and perhaps one of the greatest indicators that awards don't matter beyond a short-term improvement of the salary.

In 1998, Helen Hunt won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in As Good As It Gets; she subsequently enjoyed a short run in a few high-powered blockbusters but then suddenly dropped off the Hollywood radar.

Brooks, and starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, and Greg Kinnear.

Featuring a relatively small cast, the crux of the story revolves around a reclusive novelist named Melvin Udall: his hostility toward his neighbour, Simon (Kinnear) and his dependence on Carol Connolly (Hunt), a down on her luck single mom with a perennially-ill son.

Indeed, the 1990s were hers, but considering how long she's been around, Hunt really possesses very few notable credits to her name.

Lives with her mother and chronically-ill son, Spencer, in Brooklyn.—Simon Bishop (Kinnear): Melvin's neighbor.

A painter whose two passions in life are his beloved Brussels-Griffon, Verdell, and painting.

Location Notes The outside of Simon and Melvin’s building is in NYC’s historic Greenwich Village. Simon’s studio is based on a rooftop greenhouse in New York City’s West Village.

The inside of Carol’s apartment is a set, but they based it on a real apartment in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

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