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Chloe added: "He's a great dad, she's a great mother.

They genuinely are very good parents that's what matters most, they made a pretty son."The pair, who were first spotted together back in 2014, have been a sharing a number of sweet snaps of each other online in recent weeks.

, the 19-year-old film star was questioned about the British teen while promoting new movie Neighbours 2."I think the more I don't make it mysterious the more people don't care, so yes we're in a relationship," Chloë told host Andy Cohen.

“I didn’t look very often because I was seated more in front of the room. cold “source” testimonial, an unnamed person told When we first met Sansa in Season 1, the talented little seamstress was dead-set on dressing like the Southern ladies of Westeros.The show’s crew revealed they have caught numerous unusual examples of marine behaviour on camera, some of which for the first time.Highlights include reef octopus using sophisticated hunting techniques, the giant trevally fish that catches birds while in flight, and a dive with a sperm whale and her calf.capture exciting new footage that wouldn’t have previously been possible.Developments include suction cameras, which can be attached to whales and sharks, “tow cams” that can ‘capture predatory fish and dolphins head-on’, and probe cameras capable of filming minute ocean life.

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But eventually, a couple of years later we christened the kids and he performed this song (Something About The Way You Look Tonight) in our house.’ On cat suits and love at first sight (AWWW)… Mentioning a turning point in his style, David recalled the decision he made as a 6-year-old page boy, ‘I had two options: just a normal suit or burgundy velvet knickerbockers with white tights and white ballet shoes and I chose that, believe it or not!